Red Band Fruity Pyramids

Sometimes what you need isn't what you think you have. Sometimes I'm sure it is as well, but in this instance, it's complicated.

Reviewed by Jonny

April 2, 2021


Ya know, I always hype Haribo, Trolli (German Trolli) and Katjes as my big three favorite candy brands. But I’ve been leaving Red Band out, and it’s time that stops. Almost everything I try from them is quality-truly, no stinkers have crossed my door.

And this one….even though it wasn’t what I was expecting….absolutely slays.

What I thought they were: hard gummy sour pyramids. Sort of like their Sour Suckers, but in pyramid form.

What they actually are: amazing fruit jellies with a slightly thick crunchy exterior wall.

The flavors here are smooth yet pronounced. Sadly I’m not 100% sure what they are, but I know we have black currant, and I think lemon, raspberry and pineapple show up too. Doesn’t matter though, these are a damn delight to eat in every way. All of them taste good.

A fruit jelly is one of my favorite candies. They can be really soft, or totally firm. Crystalized sugar on the outside or not, etc. I’ve found the the crunchy “walls” with the soft jelly inside is my favorite combo. Contrasting textures with non typical flavors….that’s a winner, folks.

I really hope these find their way at least to, but for now, they’re hard to acquire for us in the States. To our readers in Germany or the UK: buy these if you see them. They’re smooth, fun to eat, and tasty as hell.

Red Band continues to climb up the charts, so let’s just call my favorite brands a four headed monster now. Enjoy these if you find them!

Zolli Candy

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  1. mikeUK

    i want to place these within my oral cavity.


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