Quest Bar: A Protein Bar for Dessert? Yep.

Looks like a candy bar, tastes like a candy bar, isn't a candy bar.

I’m reviewing the Cookie Dough flavor of the Quest Bar protein bar because:
– I’m eating less candy overall and trying to to be more fit
– I eat these a few times a week, for dessert, because they’re pretty good – and filling
– These are basically a candy bar. Sure, call them “protein” bars but this ain’t a log of beef jerkey…

First thing’s first: let’s talk taste and feel. Dammit if the Quest Bar cookie dough flavor doesn’t taste just like cookie dough. Which means, it does. And it fEEELs like cookie dough too. Which I like – and also don’t like. I’m not an eat-a-ton-of-cookie-dough-in-one-sitting kinda guy. I’m more of small-spoonful-steal-a-taster kinda guy. These bars are probably about 1 inch+ thick and 5.5 inches long, which is a decent amount. So if you are like me and actually don’t want to pound a pound of cookie dough, these lose a star.

But then let’s look at the ingredients:
They have 21g of protein. That’s a little less than a quarter pound of chicken. They also have 14g of fiber, that’s the same as 3 heads of lettuce. Seriously. And to add fuel to the fire, it has less than 1g of sugar. (Thanks to Sucralose and Stevia). It’s not all turtle doves and swans – these babies got 20g of carbs. Good for after a workout. Which is likely their intention.

Also note that these things are gluten free, but have almonds. And if your tummy doesn’t like milk, these may not be great for you, since they have whey protein, which is from dairy.

So look – we all know candy isn’t health food. And even things purported to be health food aren’t health food. But we can’t eat candy every day, all day long. Sometimes we need to walk around, take a hike, swim a few laps, pick up a weight or jog. Hey, you dear reader, be you. And when yr done moving a bit, a protein bar might just be the thing you need to rejuvenate. The Quest Bar can be your recovery tool.

If you’re interested or even concerned about the protein aspect, protein powder, how long it’s good for etc, check this handy link out, it’s a guide to the expiration date of protein powders.

And then go out there and get some Haribo. Hey – you still gotta live.

Zolli Candy


  1. greebs

    I love Quest Bars. They are not candy. But they are delicious. STICK TO SPORTS CANDY GURUS! Or something like that.

    • matty

      so we should stick to sports? or we should stick to sports candy? hashtag confused.


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