Project 7 Gourmet Chewies: Organic, and Worth It

When 'good for you' is good too, we win

Reviewed by Matty

July 30, 2019


I don’t like ‘things’ just because they are natural or organic or good for me or good for the environment. I don’t dislike them because of that either, of course. But I’m not so hippy that I default to candies that are potentially better for my body and the world. It’s a ‘nice to have’, not a must. I care about taste and texture.

When I gave the Project 7 Gourmet Chewies the eye at a local organic-only sweet shop, I was skeptical.

From what I could see in the bag, the colors lacked brightness, and had spots…and my past experience with organic chewies is that they’re more soft than I like.

When I got these Project 7 Chewies home and ripped the bag open, the candies looked the size of Skittles though the scent was muted — they smelled natural. Sigh. I prepared myself for mediocre.

I dove into each flavor on its own, individually, starting with Front Porch lemonade. And that thing was awesome. Almost the exact same texture as a Skittle – just a smidge softer once you start chewing. The flavor was like a lemonade popsicle.

And I wanted an entire bag of just these.

Coconut lime was next and it’s like a solid summer cocktail. The coconut is apparent and not a fake “Coppertone” essence. The lime is overt, with a citrus sour.

Another winner.

The Rainbow Ice and Fairytale Fruit flavors are a tad “general” but still got some skip in their step, and eating with the other 2 flavors makes nice concoctions.

I looked at the bag and the web site, and it turns out Project 7 is all about helping 7 causes in the world – from feeding the hungry, housing the homeless to saving the earth – and they ain’t just about making ducats for themselves.

And even this skeptic is all for helping the world. So when you can do that, AND make good candies? You get 4.5 stars from this Guru.

Find these Project 7 Gourmet Chewies and buy. You’ll likey.


Zolli Candy


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