Hard Candies from China are Just Plum Yummy

When you're plum ready for some Chinese candy.

Reviewed by Matty

June 6, 2012

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It’s kinda dumb for us to review candy that you can’t actually buy, right?

ok then!

I mean, yeah I guess you could potentially get these.

Just make your way to the trendy Hutong in Beijing — the one not far from a little lake that has rickshaws around it and a lot of open bars with young Chinese singers crooning in English. Know the one? Cool.

Oh. what’s a Hutong? Kinda like an olde town village smack dab in the big ol’ city. They look like the China you might see in 1950’s picture books, and I hear the government is tearing down a lot of them with the big economic boon; started when they hosted the Olympics so the city didn’t look so archaic.

Anyway – these plum candies are probably available at a ton of stores in China so you should be fine. Once you land. And go through customs. Oh, and buy the plane ticket.

Now…I should warn you that the kids hated these. Popped in the mouth and roundly dismissed by spitting them out almost immediately with a ‘these are icky’ look on their faces. However, we all know kids. They aren’t smart. And they have little to no discernable taste, let alone mature taste BUDs. So we can ignore their take.

Trust me: these plum hardies be good.

The flavor is strong with this one. No lite ‘n easy sweet, these. They pack a fruity plummy punch. And what exactly does Plum taste like anyway? These.

Really they’re like a hard candy version of the dried plums you can find in Asian markets on this side of the Mississippi. The plum is tart, and it lasts all the way through the entire eating process, and you won’t eat more than a few at a sitting. They’re wonderful to clear the palate. Of all other tastes. Except the plum.

They’re very complex. They have a hint of root beer and ginger, and a very light saltiness but still really sweet. It feels like they have a chewy center of some kind. Every time I eat one I bite into it too soon always thinking there’s something else in the middle. But no. Just plum hard candy.

Anyhoo, if you like strong flavored hard candy. Look for these. You can even buy them here, mind you…you may need to get a Costco barrel full.

Good luck.

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