Plopp Bar. Yeah.

Plop on down, friends. We got a weird bar for ya.

Who wants to take a Plop??? Hey, it might not sound appetizing in the states, but there’s a language barrier, people. And the Swedes know what’s up, so mock the translation we musn’t.

However. That will be the repetitive semi-annoying theme of this review.

Gott & Blandat are a legit Swedish candy company known primarily for their gummies & licorice. I can’t think of one variety I’ve had that I didn’t really like. I liked these and I quite liked these. When I saw this chocolate bar though…I didn’t know what to think.

The picture on the front of the wrapper makes it look like there’s Swedish fish-style gummies in there. There might be, but my experience was more like…little bits of a chewy candy, not a gummy.

I literally plopped a square in my mouth expecting to discover the novelty and be done with it-this aint my first rodeo with candy inside chocolate. But..this one was different.

First, yes, the chocolate is milk, but it’s a better quality milk chocolate than I’m used to getting in the states. It’s not too sweet, but it’s creamy and clean. The pieces of candy are almost immediately felt, but they’re just objects at first. You don’t really get a lot of taste from them.

As the chocolate melts, your teeth gravitate to wanting to chew these damn chewable pieces-which are tiny by the way. And chew you do, and…it’s kinda great. The flavors certainly don’t clash with the chocolate at all. Moreso though, this bar is about the experience of contrasting textures, and they do it really well.

Truly, I was set to eat one square and plop it in the trash. But friends, this thing is sitting in my freezer now, awaiting my next bout of fugue state hunger. I really like this bar.

These aren’t easy to find. But if you find yourself staring at one in an fancy shmancy candy store, don’t sleep on it. Plop that money down, it’s a unique, interesting and tasty experience.

Zolli Candy


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