Peanut Butter Bars: Simply Good

Peanut Butter like you like it - like peanut butter

Reviewed by Matty

May 11, 2012


Why mince words? Must I needs be clever every time I write a review? I say nay, knaves, I do not. Let’s make this one easy and right to the point.

I like these things that Atkinson’s makes, a lot.

In fact, the whole family liked these things.
“It’s like a peanut butter cup but it’s more chewy, and has no chocolate and it’s thinner,” said Kid 1.
“It’s a little chewier than peanut butter cups and has a weird taste at the end. It’s good,” said kid 2.
“Tasty, gets stuck in your teeth a little, like a Butterfinger without the chocolate. I miss the chocolate,” said spouse 1.

And here’s the guru take:

The butterfinger feel is there but it’s not as soft and sticky. The peanut butter taste is true, unlike this crap I recently reviewed. There’s a hard candy shell that covers the stick and it’s a great addition. Adds the right sweetness and it’s thin, so it’s easy to bite through but still crunchy. Something in here reminds me of Abba Zabba too. The teeth stick is for real. And overall, these aren’t that sweet. Who cares about chocolate? I didn’t miss it one bit.

Peanut butter fans will like a lot. Old school and new school. Buy and be merry.

Zolli Candy


  1. Ev

    IF fresh, I love them, but let them get old and they cement your mouth together like only some candies can

  2. jonnyguru

    these look like the perfect old school/new school confection.  Gotta find them!


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