Payday: Peanut allergies? Stay away. The rest of us, Don’t.

When you have mothers and flight attendants scared the world over, you know the candy is good

Reviewed by Matty

September 16, 2013


Salty sweet before “salted caramel” was even a recipe.
A goto, like M&M’s.
Olde; been around for over 80 years.

No, I’m not describing my sex life – I’m talking about the Payday from Hershey.


It appears I made at least one good childhood decision when oh so many years ago I bought my first Payday. They sure don’t have the pizzazzy colors of sour suckers and the font on the package doesn’t scream “Hey kids! Eat me!” But something in me must have compelled that purchase. I ate, and I keep buying. In fact, I bought two for this review and I’m seriously angry I already finished.


Hey: I feel you — I get that these aren’t super cool to look at. They are literally one color: tannish. They have one main flavor: peanut. But the sweet salty will get ya. And the nougat in the center has the Tiger’s Milk Bar consistency only thicker yet fluffier.


And to top it off, how can you not love the fact that it’s practically illegal to eat these? You sure as heck can’t bring them to pre-school, and most airplane flight attendants would take it away for fear of the peanut allergies in 8B.

Go out and get these before peanuts are taken off the market.

You can get these anywhere but if you insist on only procuring your feed on the interwebs, check the link below.

Zolli Candy

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  1. jonnyguru

    These Re amazing. Underrated is right- I’m getting one next time I’m at the ‘Way.


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