P.O.P Candy Co. Does Better Butter Crunch

Small batched and crafted tastes delish

Reviewed by Matty

July 21, 2020

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Are nuts good for you? Yes. As long as you aren’t allergic, nuts have protein, fiber, vitamins, and they can help lower cholesterol. Now…if you eat too many, and they are part of a diet where you ingest more calories than your body burns, then they become back fat. But that’s on you (LITERALLY!) and not the nuts.

Why am I going off about nuts? Because we got ‘Butter Crunch’ from P.O.P Candy Co. and it’s fantastic, and chock full of nuts.

Pistachio version of Butter Crunch

We’re eating a lot of Brittle lately. (Or maybe it’s toffee.) This will be the third review in 2020 of the stuff. All from smaller purveyors, which we love to give web space to, and all pretty darned good. This P.O.P’s Butter Crunch, though, might be the best of the bunch.

Butter Crunch is actually a very apt name, and I will call it that moving forward, but for the record, it’s very much like brittle or toffee. Only better because it has this amazing texture that’s solid-to-hard going in, and then melts when you bite. So it’s just a hair crunchier than the nuts, and gets all luscious before you break any teeth. Why isn’t all brittle-meets-toffee like this?

The sweet and salty four nut blend

The sweet and salty four nut blend (above), which perfectly melds the one side with the other, packs in cashews, almonds, pecans and almonds. I also loved the brown sugar cinnamon flavor, which tasted like cinnamon toast and a cinnabun made a little nugget. And the rosemary almond variety tasted straight from the garden, proving that herbs aren’t just good on chicken. I also tried curry flavor. CURRY flavor butter crunch. I expected it to be just plain odd. And no, I know now you don’t need lamb or tofu to make the Indian spice absolutely palatable.

And for those of you who like to keep it simple: no matter what type of Butter Crunch, there is no corn syrup , it’s gluten-free, no peanuts and no soy.

It’s not often I finish all the candy that gets sent for review, even the stuff I like. And usually I have no issue sharing the goods with my family. But in the case of P.O.P Candy’s Butter Crunch, I wanted more and I wanted it all to myself.

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