Old Faithful: It’s What it Says it Is

Not exciting. Not new. But solid throughout.

Reviewed by Matty

July 13, 2015

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We’re all suckers for olde timey candy and I can’t quite figure why. It’s not like we all want old time canned beans or we’re excited to eat crackers “they way they used to make them.” Yet we walk into a candy store, see a chocolate bar with a font from 1942, and say “OMG! They got thESE?! I bought these from the 5 and Dime when I was 6!!!”

Case in point: Old Faithful.


And yep, these are good. They’ve been around since 1925. Any food that’s been around that long must be something you want to eat right?

Not as big as a king size Snickers but a tad bigger than regular size. They’re filled with the reg stuff you’d expect in a candy bar that’s 90 years old: chocolate, peanuts and nougat.

Although the nougat is called marshmallow “crème” (actually, ‘cr-EH-m’), which is defined as “cream or a preparation made with or resembling cream used in cooking.” Let’s just call it nougat, yes?


The chocolate is fine, nothing to write home about. The peanuts are whole and weren’t overbearing – this ain’t a Munch bar. The nougat is chewy – not Rocky Road soft but more like a caramel or taffy-like chewy, which was really good.

The bar had a real solid “we know what the F we’re doing here” feel. I liked it fine, and Mrs. Guru loved it. If your thang is a satisfying chocolatey nougat bar – this Old Faithful will be in your top 5.

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  1. Mary Ellen

    I’ve never heard of Old Faithful, but I love old time candy, too!! 😀 I am amazed that Twin Bing and Cherry Mash are still available!!


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