Napoleon Tropical Sweet

The flavors in this variety are rare and exotic. Get y our expectations RAISED TO THE LIMIT!

Reviewed by Jonny

September 22, 2015


In November we reviewed Napoleon Fruit Sours, and I was blown away-so much so that I bought a five pound bag for my face.  I’ve tried original Napoleons, and they’re quite good as well.  And now we have the Tropical Sweet variety.


Umm…Mango?  Guava?  Grapefruit?  It’s like they got up in my mind and selected all my faves.  There’s also melon and raspberry, I believe.


There’s no tactful way to say this, so I’m gonna rip the Band-Aid® off – these just aren’t that good.


It’s not that the flavors are bad, it’s just that there doesn’t seem to be any impact in them at all.  Dull and flat would be the 2 words I’d pick, which I’m sure doesn’t instill confidence in Napoleon, who’s been making these things since 1912.  Then again, they likely have NO idea who we are, and are sipping wine in Tuscany right now. (Actually Napoleon candies were born in Antwerp and still remain a Belgian candy.  But my imagery is fantastic, no?)

IMG_4519The most criminal thing here is that the guava didn’t work.  Guava is my FAVE, and it’s never in candies.  Remember Kern’s Guava Nectar?  It’s like 500 delicious “healthy” calories in a can:


That’s the thing that started my Guava obsession, back in middle school when I was mistaken for a girl with my long hair while entering puberty.


Guys, listen….we’re close.  So I tell you things.  Keep it safe.


I don’t even want to talk about these anymore-there’s no reason to.  Just get the Fruit Sour ones for now.  These are a decent attempt I suppose, but honestly I have no idea how they turned out this bland.

Let’s just say you dig bland though. Then you’d want this link:


Zolli Candy


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