Napoleon Fruit (Sour) Mix

Bursting with tart fruit flavor, these delights are amazing-and available in the states.

Reviewed by Jonny

November 11, 2014


The first time I tried Napoleons was at least 10-12 years ago. My brother (thanks!) had gotten me a gift certificate to a small candy store in San Francsico. Back in those days, finding imported candies (Napoleon was founded in Antwerp in 1912) was rough- but they had Napoleon sour hard bon one, so I was in. I really liked them, despite the fact that they really weren’t that sour, just mildly tart.   Recently I was sent these by our friend German Suze:


Everything about these looked better: bigger variety of flavors, bigger sized pieces, lots of them, and nice colorful packaging. I wasn’t however,  prepared for exactly how much better they’d be than the ones I tasted a lifetime ago.

napfruit-openGreat colors on these. Also, to be fair, I have a pretty big weakness for hard candies, so I knew I was gonna love these if they were just decent.


5 flavors come included: Orange, lemon, pineapple, apple and cherry. What makes these special is their accurate flavor mixed with a pretty aggressive amount of tart coating on the outside-or as they call it in the UK, “sherbet”.  In a weird twist, these are definitely more sour than those “sour” bonbons I tried so long ago yet they’re not stated as being sour on the bag.  However, describes them as “sour fruit mix”.  Our grandchildren will be musing on this conundrum around the fire.


I found all of the flavors to be enjoyable, although the kid for some reason really didn’t like the green apple. He thought it was guava flavored (which for me is a good thing), but it’s clearly not. I can’t say he doesn’t have good taste buds though, because when I still hadn’t looked at the flavor selection , I thought he might be right. Regardless, I liked that flavor and all others (white pineapple was the winner though).


So the times have changed, and it’s much easier to get quality imported candies. Click the link below and pick up a bag or six- they’re a great sour hard candy that’s pretty unique, even in today’s crammed candy marketplace.

Zolli Candy


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