M&S Milks Bottles: More Cream Please

Milk is for babies

Reviewed by Matty

May 29, 2020

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Ever had those White Rabbit candies from China? We like them. Hard, then chewy, cream tasting and cream feeling once you work them to be soft. They also have a rice paper wrapper that you can eat, which is literally fun to do.

These M&S Milk Bottle gummy-like candies sure as heck ain’t those.

M S Milk Bottle package

And these are actually gummies, so they very much are NOT those. But I want those. I want the White Rabbits. I want the smooth and rich cream feeling from a candy. And I love vanilla.

M&S — Marks & Spencer or Marks and Sparks if you live in the UK — make these Milk Bottles and dare I say, they do a rather pedestrian job of it. Sadly, not the first time; M&S appears to have loads of mediocre sweets, which is vexing since the UK is filled with great candy.

Look at the color of the Milk Bottles. And the holes.

Why are there holes?

If you want milky, creamy vanilla candy, get the White Rabbits people. Just like Jefferson Airplane told us in the ’60’s.

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