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Reviewed by Matty

September 3, 2019

I was on a flight to another country and had to do a review. If you don’t like what you’re reading, blame the altitude or jet lag.

This reasonably sizable bag is from my colleague who was traveling in Europe a few weeks back. We’ve reviewed this Nimm2 brand of gummies before. Not a fan of the name. A quick search on Candy Gurus shows we’ve liked some of their wares and not others. Let’s see if we like them now.

Here I am on the plane. It’s an international flight. All the lights are off. I have no idea what I’m eating. So the shapes are varied..lotta bumps…but I can’t discern a berry or cola bottle shape. The good news about losing the sense of sight is it puts focus on the sense of taste.

I generally like what I feel. Each one appears to be a big bite. It’s nice to be able to reach into a bag and pull out 4 gummies and have enough for a sitting.

On first bite, I like the fruitiness. Juicy-ish.

One is for sure black currant. If you live in the UK and you like Ribena, then you’ll like this.

The next one I pulled out is…no idea. It’s sweet. I’d call it “Fruit flavored gummy.”

The next one I pulled out is…”Another fruit flavored gummy.”

Cannot. Discern. Taste.


Ok so with nothing better to do on the flight I ate the whole fucking bag. But I didn’t really love it. They’re fine, because I love gummies in general. And I like the size of them. And I like the chew – there’s a bit of toughness there and with open bag aging, they’d get better.

But the lack of flavor is a bummer.

Given all the good gummies out there… sorry folks, these get 2 stars.   

I’d still eat them on another long flight and be fine with it.


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