M&Ms: Hazlenut Spread

Can the iconic M's keep bringing the new flaves?

Reviewed by Matty

May 14, 2019

Candy You Ate As A Kid

It’s the month of M’s baby!

Jonny reviewed the Mexican Jalapeño and Thai Coconut versions of the little chocolate morsels and here I am barely one week later, reviewing the Hazelnut take.

Did we plan this…?

Maybe we did maybe we didn’t!


But no, we didn’t.

Here’s the thing: I love M&M’s. I will eat them all the time. People ask me what my favorite candy is. And besides Haribo Gold Bears, dare I say Kit Kat. And then I’d say Peanut Butter Cups. But THEN I would say M&M’s.

Sure my candy likes may be pedestrian, but M&M’s are pretty perfect:
– You can eat a handful, or just a couple.
– They’re the perfect size.
– They have multiple flavors and always pushing something new.
– And they melt in your mouth, dammit. Not in your hands.

With a resume like that, this Hazelnut version has 4 stars going in!


Alas. They drop down to 3.5 stars.

Sure, these new Hazel Spread M’s are fine. They’re good for all the reasons I point out above. But I wanted more Hazel. I wanted Nutella. If you call yourself ‘hazelnut spread’ then you sure as shit better taste like Nutella, no? Nutella is the de facto hazelnut spread.

The inside of this M&M definitely reads Nutella, but it’s not filled with Nutella. Where Nutella has a – dare I say – nutty taste – this M&M does not. It’s much sweeter than Nutella, and there’s just a smattering of hazelnut as part of a chocolate center.

So yes, these are potentially buyable and eatable but I would pick up the pretzel filled M’s, or the crispy M’s before I go for the Hazelnut Spread again. You should too.

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