M&M’s Chocolate Bar: You Can’t Screw this Up…Right?

Re-imagining a good thing left this reviewer cold

Reviewed by Matty

July 1, 2013

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M&M’s can’t be under-rated since everyone I know likes them and eats them. Yet, it’s not like we’re all talking about them all the time. But we should, no? I’m sure you’ve been to the movies, for example, and had no idea what candy you were going to buy but you know you wanted SOMEthing. Red Vines? Not today. Milk Duds? Eh, too tooth sticky.

“Let’s just get some M&M’s.”


The working man’s candy – always good, always there for you, never getting the credit.


So when the folks at Mars asked if we wanted to review the bar version, the “heck yes” couldn’t come out fast enough. What a great idea, I thought. Give me a longer form of the quick hit I love so much.

Alas, I’m sad to say I was underwhelmed.


The milk chocolate didn’t seem to be the same chocolate in the actual M&M. Maybe it was, and maybe in a big bar it just tastes totally different, but then that isn’t good either. There’s a reason I want the M&M’s that I know and love, that I will buy whenever I need a great chocolate snack without thinking.


In the bar version, the chocolate is sweeter. Kinda hurt my teeth. It was thick feeling, dense, even though the bar was thin, and that could be a good thing. But it wasn’t very tasty. It was more like a chocolate housing for the mini M&M’s inside. And I’m not such a fan of the minis. They added a reasonable crunch to the bar, but it wasn’t a flavor enhancer, like a rice krispy or nut would have been. It was just more of the same chocolate. I didn’t even want to finish the thing, and it wasn’t that big.

If Mars wanted to change the M&M paradigm on us, then shouldn’t they simply have stayed in the tried and true with just a different form? Instead of popping in little bites of round goodness, I’d get a bar I could manhandle. But no such luck. This lost all of the charm of M&Ms and didn’t provide the backbone I expected.

Not much more to say here. If you were me, and lucky for you that you aren’t, you’d stay away from the bars and just stay with the round little balls. No muss no fuss. But if you must buy, I imagine you can find these most stores and of course at the link below.

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  1. Lindsey

    I wish I could find these to buy for my husbands 40th birthday!!!!

  2. jonnyguru

    I felt this review was thoughtful, informative and semi depressing. Sadly, like you, it left this reviewer cold too. #flapsteak

  3. cybele

    They would be delicious with Reese’s Pieces in them. But then they wouldn’t be made by Mars.

  4. greebs

    Well…that’s a bummer. They’ll sell bucket loads just because it SHOULD be delicious.


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