Mike and Ike Root Beer Float: Tastes Just like That

I was toying whether to cut to the chase and tell you what these taste like or if I should bury the lead and let you burrow through a few paragraphs to find out.

As you can see by the title above, I chose the former.


And that means you can bail now. You can be done reading. I gave you everything you need to know.

Do you like Root Beer floats?

Interested in eating candy that tastes just like them?

Then here you go!


If you insist on a few more details about these Mike and Ike Root Beer Float candies, how about this:

– Thank you Mike, AND Ike, for providing a full box of candy. No extra plastic bag package inside of the box. oh no. Just candy. That tastes like Root Beer.
– The box is so cute and retro!
– These are a tad sassy. A slight tang. Then I remembered these are supposed to be Floats and I was like yeah they are!

I like Mike and Ike. Always have. These say to me that Mike AND Ike are still in the game. And it’s not 9 innings yet. This ain’t overtime. We’re still on the 16th hole. It’s only 3rd down. We’re at the free throw line and it’s the 75th minute. Let’s EAT this.

3 thoughts on “Mike and Ike Root Beer Float: Tastes Just like That

  1. I love Mike is an wean I fond root beer float I ilove Mikes olny candy I will eat I will tell any on a tv comurshel Mikes is like a hike I take them Weare ever I go

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