Mike and Ike Root Beer Float: Tastes Just like That

Root Beer is nice

Reviewed by Matty

March 9, 2015

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I was toying whether to cut to the chase and tell you what these taste like or if I should bury the lead and let you burrow through a few paragraphs to find out.

As you can see by the title above, I chose the former.


And that means you can bail now. You can be done reading. I gave you everything you need to know.

Do you like Root Beer floats?

Interested in eating candy that tastes just like them?

Then here you go!


If you insist on a few more details about these Mike and Ike Root Beer Float candies, how about this:

– Thank you Mike, AND Ike, for providing a full box of candy. No extra plastic bag package inside of the box. oh no. Just candy. That tastes like Root Beer.
– The box is so cute and retro!
– These are a tad sassy. A slight tang. Then I remembered these are supposed to be Floats and I was like yeah they are!

I like Mike and Ike. Always have. These say to me that Mike AND Ike are still in the game. And it’s not 9 innings yet. This ain’t overtime. We’re still on the 16th hole. It’s only 3rd down. We’re at the free throw line and it’s the 75th minute. Let’s EAT this.

Zolli Candy


  1. Toby Miller

    I love Mike is an wean I fond root beer float I ilove Mikes olny candy I will eat I will tell any on a tv comurshel Mikes is like a hike I take them Weare ever I go

    • Matty

      I have no idea what yr saying but I couldn’t agree more

  2. Appleton Sweets

    We stock a large range of Mike & Ike and these are 2nd on our favourites list. The first is cotton candy!


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