Mikakuto E-Ma: Bold but Nuanced Grape Candy from Japan

Grape or currant I don't care because these are fucking great

Reviewed by Matty

February 11, 2017

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I like these things a lot. Super floral grape wafts right at me as I rip open the package. The candies are small, and the package is small, but the aroma is large. And I think they are grape…they don’t smell like fake grape, and perhaps more like currant…but the picture on the package is of littler reddish grapes so it’s grape right ? can we just call them grape FOR FUCKSAKE?

These things are like gobstopper hard – a similar filling underneath the stone-like shell. I can tell we’re supposed to suck on these and not bite, but I just couldn’t stop myself from chewing. So fruity and fresh tasting. Sure I broke 12 teeth but it could have been worth it.

I really think these things are better with a few in my mouth so I’m going 2 at a time. They start out quite sweet. Not overly, but more sweet then your typical jaw breaker. Then after 30 seconds they go sour. The sour then dampens and there’s a minty almost eucalyptus thing that starts happening. And that’s when I just can’t hold back and I bite in and it crumbles into a sour powdery substance right before it completely dissolves.

I don’t know much about the Japanese, but I can tell you this: the women are hot and their candy is wonderful. The Japanese take their candy more seriously – deeper flavors, more nuance. They do more than just dip a fucking peanut in chocolate.

Grab and enjoy. Also, have a few before you make out. They’re breath mintalicious!

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