Mentos Fresh Cola

Mentos takes on one of my all-time favorite candy flavors.

Reviewed by Jonny


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May 30, 2013


In my eyes, Mentos went from being an afterthought castoff candy, to a top shelf regular option.  My favorite variety is still Rainbow, but damn it if I don’t keep finding other, equally deserving candidates.

Stop.  Collaborate and LISTEN:



You guys collaborating?  Listening?  Great.  Check out Mentos Cola.  I don’t need to waste your time describing the superior chew of Mentos-this one’ll be all about the flavor.  If you haven’t tried any variety of Mentos by this point in your life, you’re doing something wrong.

The first time I tasted a cola candy, it was gummy cola bottles, and they blew my mind.  I always hold those up as the pinnacle of proper cola candy taste.  These Mentos?  Better.



Nice cola coloring there.  How to describe the perfect cola taste?  I guess the difference with these is that there’s a bit of zing to them, and an extremely nice development of the flavor.  It’s full, it’s intense, and it’s surprising, every time I have them, how delicious it is.  Don’t get me wrong- gummy cola bottles, especially Haribo’s, are a top 10 candy for me.  I’m just saying that these Mentos Cola have really done a fine job of perfecting the candy cola flavor, and taking just a step closer to the real thing.


I feel very secure recommending these to ANYONE who likes cola flavored candy.  They’re usually available at World Market, but in the event you’re feeling lazy, click the Amazon link below.

Zolli Candy


  1. Jeremy Michael Hobbs

    Want… some… now.

  2. Ev

    I never had seen these ones before, but europe does do a good cola candy overall. In germany they had these tins of Cola “bonbons” hard candy for about an euro, those were great.


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