Maoam Kracher Blue

This blue is maybe the best blue.

Reviewed by Jonny

September 11, 2015


We reviewed Krachers by Maoam years ago-we found them to be good, but a little meh.  Nothing too special.  Sure, Maoaom is part of Haribo, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to be great.  But recently, I got these from a friend:




Not blue raspberry-just blue.  Something poetic AND stupid about that, all at the same time.  Check out how travel-worn they were:


Completely beat to hell.  And the taste?  ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS.  I mean, …these things made me & the jr. freak out.  He grabbed, I grabbed, then I had to take them away for safe storage.  All the while though, we yelled in a high pitched bad German accent “KRACHER!”.  It was an experience.



I wouldn’t say these are sour, but boy did they nail the omnipresent blue raspberry flavor in the best way.  Aiding that was the fact that they’re super chewy, and kind of get better as you eat them, with the flavor really bursting towards the end.  These really are delicious, and oddly unique.


They might look a little sketchy, but you’d give them a shot if they were available in America, wouldn’t you?  Well they are! Against all odds, Amazon has them from a few sellers, so click the link below to get your Colonel Klink on, and get Kraching!

Zolli Candy


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