Maoam Kracher – High End Mentos? Is That Even A Good Thing?

St. Barth's has hot girl everywhere and tons of excellent candy. You need to go.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 14, 2009


I was dying to open the Maoam Kracher bag as soon as I saw it-clearly not a gummy or a hard candy per se, I was optimistic that I new what they were:

A few years back, in another life before I had Jr., my wife and I were in St. Barth’s. FYI, it’s a plethora of Haribo on that little island. Every grocery store you visit is stocked to the gills with varieties that we can only salivate over around these parts. One bag in particular has always stuck in my mind, my Great White Whale if you will. I can’t remember what they were called, or truly, if they were even Haribo, but they looked exactly like these Krachers, and were an explosion of chewy, sour, crunchy and powder. They were auce. Could these be the same thing?


Already extremely intoxicated, dehydrated, and generally wiped out from a day of holiday cavorting, I busted these bad boys open last night.  Yep, they looks exactly the same as my fantasy candy.  Things were lining up nicely for me.


As soon as I bit into one though, I knew I hadn’t found my whale.  These have a very thin “shell”, that’s not particularly flavorful.  Once you bite in, you find a chewy, Mentos-like confection.  The flavors are better than Mentos, but there’s nothing particularly special about these to set them apart in any other way.

Let’s talk about Mentos for a sec.  They suck.  Do we all agree on that?  Perky “they-were-cute-in-the-90’s” commercials aside, the “candy” is a total hoax as far as I’m concerned.  They’re almost flavorless, regardless of how many different flavors I try.  Not so much the “freshmaker”, as a “trashmaker” in this dude’s opinion.

The flavors are lemon, apple, strawberry, raspberry, orange and cola.  A nice variety, and like I said, they taste good.  There’s just something…not quite great about them.  Look at the insides, it’ll give you an idea of their consistency:


Seeing as how I was tired and buzzed, I’m surprised that I didn’t snarf this whole bag down.  Or rather, it’s telling that I didn’t.  If these had a sprinkling of some sort of sour powder inside, it would give them a dynamic, explosive flavor.  As is though, I can’t honestly say that I recommend these.  In a world where great international candies are available from lots of sources, it’s probably not worth it for you guys to spend your time or money hunting these down.  Having said that, they’re certainly not even close to bad, so…if you do happen to see them stateside, sure, pick up a bag.



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  1. Joanne Liversidge

    In the U.K. the sweets you’re dreaming of are called maom pinballs [Link deleted]

  2. Bubba_Gump

    Love the cola Krachers. The other flavors are pretty good but not as addictive. We get them from the Haribo factory outlet store in Solingen when we go to Germany. Maybe they’re better fresh?

  3. Lexx

    I’ve never tried your Haribo Fruit Blasts, but when I was a kid I lived in Germany, and I love Maoam Kracher. Every time I go to Germany I come back with half a dozen bags.

  4. Matty

    Fyi – we just bought vats of saur gerks and let me tell you, just great. Really a stick to your teeth gummi (like jujyfruts) which is strange for haribo but oddly likeable in these. They’re in the same yellow/green/red as the fruity pasta but taste very different to me. They come out of the package hard as hell, which is just satisfying as all get out.

  5. Denise

    Jonny, what’s wrong with Mentos, you candy nazi? Are you dissing the Freshmaker? I, too, like Mentos. Yay, Matty! Hate the cheesy Euro commercials, like the candy.

  6. Josh

    I’ve had Crazy Pops and didn’t feel the need to order them again. Sure, they have a nice sour kick, but they don’t have the chewiness I like. The wall of the candy reminds me of a stale Peep with the exterior crust of a Skittle. On the plus side, they seem to hold up well as I just ate a couple from an open bag I have with a “best by” date of 11/2008.

  7. Josh

    When I said it’d take longer, I mean it. It usually takes 3.5-4 weeks from the time you place your order until you receive it, but I’ve never had a problem. For me, the savings are worth the wait, and since I usually make a big order, it lasts quite a while. If I don’t want to spend a lot myself, I’ll ask some friends if they want to order and then we’ll split the shipping costs. And because they have a flat rate based on weight classes, I’ll make every effort to max that shipping cost without jumping up to the next one. One other thing, the site has a linking issue if you select English language, so I try to shop in German as much as I can, or go to the site through the Google Translate feature.

  8. Jonny

    Josh, that site is insane! Precisely the kind of site I usually burn hours poring over. Next time I order, it’s from here for sure. Nice prices. Thanks, and the link is going up in our “where to buy” section now.

  9. Josh It’ll take longer than ordering from, but it’ll be cheaper. One thing to keep in mind is if your credit card hits you with a currency conversion fee it might eat into the savings a bit- Capital One doesn’t, so that’s what I use when I order from outside of the US or travel abroad.

  10. Jonny

    Josh, you’ve found your village.

    What’s your preferred web site to buy from? We’ll put a link up to it for sure…

  11. Josh

    I wish I was Haribo CIA, but I’m just a candy freak. I stumbled upon your site when searching for the ingredients list for Haribo Vampires (one of my all time favorites) and took a look around. I pick up German Haribo products at a local store on occasion, but found a website where it’s cheaper to order them, and other candies, direct from Germany (when factoring in shipping and making a larger order). I’ve been curious about the saure gurken, and based on your review, plan on ordering them next year.

  12. Matty

    Josh – who are you. Why do you know so much? Are you Haribo CIA?

  13. Jonny

    Josh, you just blew my mind, you’re RIGHT! I can’t tell you how many times I searched under different names, but that’s for sure it. I miss those things!

  14. Josh

    I believe the candy you can’t remember was called Haribo Fruit Blasts, and they were heavenly- similar to these, but more hollow and with a powder inside, if I recall correctly. Sadly, they have been discontinued. I too tried these Maoam Krachers hoping they would be the same, but they are nowhere near as delicious.

  15. Matty

    These look kinda good to me. I like how candymakers outside the US make cola a default flavor.

    And I like Mentos. I don’t buy them all the time, but when I’m in the mood for a real chew and subtle flavor, I might get them just as fast as I’d get Mamba and Starbursts. I like the Mentos texture more actually.


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