Lutti Skate Fizz

40% less sugar? They have to be horrid.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 22, 2019


Just last week I reviewed Lutti Smoofizz, which turned out to be a bit of an existential nightmare candy for me. Looked interesting, unique, but in the end…they were completely unappealing to me.

So this week what do I do? Review another Lutti Fizz offering, obviously.

I got these in France, and the big allure was twofold: one, the 40% less sugar thing on the bag had me seriously intruiged. If it turned out to be true, and if they were good, then this was a bit of a game changer.

Additionally, they felt ROCK hard. I mean, …dreamy solid. Like these either had been sitting there since the late 90’s, or they simply were made that way. Either case deserved attention, so I shlepped them home, stateside.

Clearly, the theme with these is skateboarding. Yay!

I have no perspective: does anybody care anymore what their gummies are shaped like? Cause if you look at the snap above, it’s super hard to make out what the hell is going on. I certainly don’t care, in fact I appreciate ugly looking candy. Curious if y’all feel the same, let me know.

OK, I can make out a baseball hat lower left, I suppose a few skateboard decks on the right, and then…….completely unclear. Like I said though, who cares?

The hats seem to have a white base-definitely NOT a foam thing, not sure what it is. The other pieces don’t have this. Turns out it didn’t matter though, because however they decided to make these, they decided correctly.

These are fabulous. Nay-I take that back. They’re incredible. In a bag, they’re everything Matty and I have been talking about for the last decade as far as consistency goes: they’re hard, but definitely not too hard to chew. But man? That chew… just goes on and on. I don’t know if the reduction in sugar is responsible for it, but these things are like the eternal flame of gummies. If it normally takes you 20 seconds to consume a gummy (just spitballing here), these will take a minute. And that’s a good thing, because my mouth needs the exercise.

This wouldn’t really matter if they didn’t taste good, but that’s not the case. Unlike the Smoofizz, the flavors here are clear, not overly floral, and very nicely sour. The flavor lasts through the whole chew, although it slightly begins to wane at the very end.

I can read a bit of French, and yes, I have Google Translate, but for whatever reason I can’t understand their explanation of the sugar reduction on the bag OR on the website:

Fizz Skate -40% sugars!

Discover Lutti’s Skate Fizz -40% sugars, all the Skater’s universe in delicious candies with fruity flavors that sting in a recipe light in sugars offering a max of pleasure.

Guarantee without sweetener, the recipe uses natural fibers from corn with high digestive tolerance to replace some of the sugars. The certified gluten-free, and without any other ingredient to raise the sweet taste!

With Skate Fizz, make the most of sensations!”

It sure sounds like they’re not using artificial sweeteners, which is awesome if it’s true. Also, getting a max of pleasure is sick. I love that.

Either way, I love these. And of course, I only got one bag and there’s no way to get them in the states yet. So if any of you clever French readers wanna dropship me a case, this reviewer will gladly pay for them.

If you see these, buy them. It’s very simple.

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  1. EatExploreEtc

    Looks like they might have bulked them out with plant fibre and spirulina! I was wondering if they’d used maltitol (UGH), but seems like they’re staying well away. Which is a good thing for a gummy treat you’re going to mainline in one sitting.


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