Lutti Smoofizz

5 friggin countries. Over 3 weeks. And then I finally opened them.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 16, 2019


For perspective to understand how excited I was about these candies, please know that I carried them in my bag for over 3 weeks, traveling through 5 countries.

I’ve had a few different kinds of candy from the French company Lutti, and generally have liked them very much. The intrigue for me about these was that-aside from them being vegetarian which is cool, but at this point not super unique-I just had no idea what to expect. Were they hard candies? Chews? Sweet? Sour?

The colors are just….weird. I did no color correction on this photo.

Looking at this photo now, they totally remind me of those Grandma candies: they’re minty with similar colors to these. “Smooth & Melty Pastel Petite Mints”

I really nailed that comparison.

Anyhow, back to these:

The bag describes flavors like blackcurrant, Peach/apricot, red fruits and tropical fruits. No problem with that selection. The problem, and quite a big one, starts with the whole “eating” thing.

First, they’re chews. And they have a sour coating on the outside, which is nice. But there’s something SO wrong with these flavors. So…off putting and confusing…it renders them spitters for me.

I wanna describe this correctly, so bear with me. When first eating them, you get the sour effect and a small amount of flavor-it’s fine at this point. But then almost immediately, a deeper, danker….disturbing flavor enters, at least with the tropical and peach/apricot. Actually, it does the same with the blackcurrant too. The new flavors that come in somehow taste super contrary to the original flavor, but also feel “spoiled”. Like…too sweet, too floral. Imagine what a flavor would taste like if it was left outside in the heat for days.

The uniting theme was that they just felt gross, and that’s not something I experience often with candy. Not great? All the time. Mediocre to bad? Sure. But this is different. This is dank and turned in a way I just don’t want to explore further.

I bet you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for my star rating on these, right? I kinda want to give them a few stars for the look and sour coating, but I can’t. I can’t really rate something with even ONE star if I can’t bring myself to eat them, can I?

In the event that my review hasn’t been quite heavy handed enough, let me reiterate: if you see these, which you likely won’t unless you’re in the UK, pass on them.

Hard pass.

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