Biobor gummy packages

Low Sugar Gummies by Biobor are Sweet

Low sugar candy may not be an oxymoron anymore.

I can’t scroll more than three posts on the Insta before getting another ad for low-sugar candy. Yes, my personal algorithm will be heavily swayed to sweets but let’s agree that the overall food trend to healthier eating isn’t lost on the candy industry.

So today, we take a look at Biobor.

Biobor gummy packages

Semi-ironic name aside, if you didn’t know the Biobor candies are made with only 2 grams of sugar per single serving bag, you might think these were …boring. The gummies have your expected flavors of green apple, lemon and strawberry, while the worms are blueberry, cherry and orange. Still, when you bite in, they have great texture — a true chew — and an authentic sweetness; almost making me wonder whether other gummies actually need as much sugar as they have.

Biobor gummies, gummy worms, and gummy apple vinegars.

One concern I have with the low sugar and healthier candy is the use of sugar alcohols; they aren’t bad for you if you don’t eat tons of it every day (like sugar of course) but sometimes they taste chemically to me, and act like fiber on my digestive system. The Biobor gummies are made with sugar — straight up — and with just 2g and a 140 calories per bag with at least 20 pieces? I’m in.

Interestingly, just the other day someone on the Candy subreddit asked if anyone knew of an apple candy that wasn’t green apple or sour. Welp, these Biobor Apple Cider Vinegar gummies fit the bill. Good apple taste, not sour nor the expected green apple flavor. In fact, these might be my favorite of the three types we received from Biobor.

Can we agree that candy makes life just a bit more fun?
And if we can find some candy that isn’t as terrible for you as expected, then we essentially double the fun?
Biobor is doing their jobs to keep life fun. I would eat their gummies as I would any other gummies — not just when I was feeling I needed to lower my sugar intake.

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