Lovely Candy: One for me…One for you

Real fruit. No Fake nothing. Real good. L'Chaim.

Reviewed by Matty

August 5, 2013


Our food is making some of us sick. An article on Facebook last week was about a kid dying at a camp because she bit into a rice krispy treat with peanut butter, which she was allergic to. I watched Food Inc., and was disgusted. A friend’s kids were sick all the time until they went on a gluten-free diet and now they aren’t sick all the time. Ever heard of Monsanto? We should ALL be picketing their offices if not burning down their buildings.

Luckily for us people who care (…and by “us” I mainly mean “you” since I feel neither highs nor lows…) Lovely Candy company has come to the rescue.

Founded literally this year (2013), these folks make all-natural, gluten-free and GMO-free candy. In fact, the sweet chews are soy free, with no high fructose, no corn syrup, no artificial flaves/colors/preservatives AND they’re Kosher.

These are so good for you the FDA is recommending them for breakfast.


These are so good for you Lovely wants to send you $25 of their goods to try out.

Not kidding!

But you need to get to the end of the review for all the info.

For those of you who have to watch the ingredients you eat, these are a no-brainer. You don’t even need to read this review. With all the natural fruits? And the fact that they’re selling a caramel and chocolate caramel swirled? Please. Just go out and buy.

For those of us First Worlders who whine if our chocolate isn’t 89% caCAO and bitch if the gummies aren’t chewy enough waaa waaa waaaaaaaa — this next part will be more pertinent.


Starting with the bag itself – you get a decent amount of candies. I like how it was filled up, and not half-filled with a “contents may settle” label on the side. The piece sizes are good too, like a thicker Starburst or Now and Later.

The Lovely folks sent us 4 packages and right after I opened to take some pics, I got a tad confused. The labels kind of look the same on the candies. There is a blue one in 2 of the packages and after eating a few I still wasn’t absolutely sure whether blue was raspberry, blackberry or blueberry.

Still, these chews are made with the real stuff. See the bits?

The caramel was good. I could use a bit more salt, but that’s me: I’m trendy.

The chocolate caramel is pretty to look at. And it’s darn good too. Might have been my favorite:

Though I also really liked the apple:

The apple had a floral aura and the flavor was all juice. Part of me kept thinking there may be bits in it too, but no.

As mentioned above, the berry chews were a bit harder to discern but all were very different looking, and if I concentrated when eating them, the flavors became more apparent. They definitely tasted natural and I felt good about myself that I was eating a candy chew that looked homemade. No horse hooves for this dude!

Still, it’s not all japanese dreams and whipped cream. One of the things I like about really good chews is that it takes a lot to get through them. Super chewy. Ever had Hi-Chews? there’s no WAY those things are natural, but dammit if they aren’t awesome and what makes them awesome is the chew lasts for a looooong time. Au contraire with the chews from Lovely. Fine tasting, but also super soft. They melt in your mouth fast and go down quickly.

(Side note – I put some in the fridge and I’m hoping they will harden up a bit. If they do, I’ll leave a comment.)

So – to finish up – these Lovely Chews be good. These be worth buying, especially for those who want candy and have dietary concerns. Get them chewier and they’d be super sick (in the cool vernacular way).

Now don’t you want to try these to taste for yourself? One lucky random person also got a package with 4 bags of the sweeties sent to them just like Jonny and I got. All they did is send us an email that said “I am lovely” in the subject line. Nice job reader Barbara – congrats!

Zolli Candy


  1. mattycandy

    Hey – a Monsanto apologist! I haven’t seen one of these folks before. I just assumed we all thought they were evil! Cool.

  2. the_other_side

    Please don’t perpetuate the Monsanto fear mongering. Go read up on Mark Lynas, the man who was one of the leading members of the anti-GMO movement, who recently made a speech, in which he said the following:

    “My lords, ladies and gentlemen. I want to start with some apologies,
    which I believe are most appropriate to this audience. For the record,
    here and upfront, I apologise for having spent several years ripping up
    GM crops. I’m also sorry that I helped to start the anti-GM movement
    back in the mid-1990s and that I thereby assisted in demonising an
    important technological option which can be used to benefit the
    environment. As an environmentalist, and someone who believes that
    everyone in this world has a right to a healthy and nutritious diet of
    their choosing, I could not have chosen a more counter-productive path. I
    now regret it completely.”

    It’s nothing but a push by the organic industries – they’re using shoddy science and fear to try to make themselves look better.

  3. mattycandy

    Oh by the way, I fridged and they are delish. This is a must-fridge candy

  4. paola

    i have known the chews at the candy expo i chicago and the taste cherry and licorice pdo from Italy that Lovely candy llc will distribute soon… in all US… they are a prestigious chew organic, without gmo, without gluten and also the licorice is pdo… never tasted so much quality in one candy… only from lovely candy this has been possible. Sweet and fresh that make you feel pleasure in your mouth…

    • mattycandy

      Haven’t seen the licorice ones. SHould have had them send those too!


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