Little Green Men: Waste of Space

Reviewed by Matty

May 28, 2010


Matty reviews the latest from Trolli. They look like green men, taste fruity, and are simply craptastic!

I got these at Walgreen’s. Get a 3lb case … why? … from the nice folks at Candywarehouse

Zolli Candy


  1. Matty

    Feyest…feyest…hm. See – yr not on the ‘in.’ If you were an insider, you’d get what that means: that this whole world is like a non-world. that death and life are all the same. that we live 2 existences. Sure we all crashed on an island and met new people and fell in love; sure this didn’t seem like the real world but it was, man. It was.

    Oh wait. I think that may have been the Lost finale.

  2. greebs

    This video also features the feyest wink in the history of Candy Gurus! Something for everybody!


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