Licorice: When you like it hard

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Reviewed by Matty

September 29, 2014


When you like your CANDIES hard.

What did you think the title referred to? This is a kid-friendly site, yo!

I’d thought out of the gate these little 3/4″ square licorice candies were more for adults.


Yet the kids in my family like these, so maybe I need to throw out my preconceived anise notions.

Here’s the rundown:
– These are small with a rough exterior, probably a sugar coating
– REALly solid. Like so solid that they don’t break down to a even a slightly chewier consistency after sucking on them for 10 minutes. They stay hard as glass.
– Sweet licorice tasting going in, reminding me of the Good n Plenty flavor, but as I suck, the licorice flavor goes deeper, almost nasal-clearing, a little bit like medicine.
– Did I mention they were hard? I don’t think candies get any harder than this.

Sure, these are fine. Reasonably good actually. But they are so straight-forward. No special flavor, or texture. There is no sour surprise nor a chew to give you something to do with your mouth. Maybe use them as a breathe freshener? Or as a morsel to calm your tummy after a heavy meal (licorice is great for that).

Thanks to Candy Direct for sending so many that I can give them away for Halloween through 2025.

Zolli Candy


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