Lachgummi Frutivity: Yogurt Gummies


I eat yogurt almost every day for breakfast. Good source of protein. Good bugs for your gut. So why the heck not get it in my candy.

Lachgummit Frutivity package - german yogurt gummies

Nice big package that I got from Jonny who I assume got from Suze, our biggest German fan. Normal package, but packed full. When I opened them, the fruit aroma was a delight and I couldn’t wait to jump in. Then I did. And when I did, I made that face you make when you eat something that’s a tad “off.”

The flavor was good, as expected. Even juicier than I thought, given the almost milk-like look of the gummies. But WOW were they soft. Like marshmallow soft. These needed aging and asap.

So I did what any clever candy lover would do when they want their sweets firmer: I threw the open package in the fridge. In 3 days, these little babies had a nice chew. Not just firm, they gave your mouth a little workout. Aging in the chiller jumped the Frutivity gummies from 2.5 to 4 stars.

The Lach gummi yogurt gums flavors are key: raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, peach passionfruit, lemon and vanilla-grape.

Vanilla grape? Yes. Vanilla-grape. Which was great.
Vanilla: +1.
Fake grape: +8.
In fact, all of the morsels were floral, fruity and overt in flavor.

Generally allergen-free except for the skim milk yogurt, with 20% fruit juice and vegetarian, dare I say these ARE what’s for breakfast. I’d eat these again. You can procure at the German Shop 24.

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  1. Yep. They were from me. Glad you liked them!

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