Lach Gummi: Germany Even Does Simple Gummies Well

Is it a gummy or is it breakfast. Just be honest already.

Reviewed by Matty

September 19, 2017


Maybe there’s someone out there thinking of buying a package of gummy candy but she doesn’t because the candies aren’t healthy enough. Maybe she would buy said gummies if only they had a “with vitamins!” message on the package.

I guess this is plausible.

But this isn’t me. I could give 2 f*&^s if I’m getting a dose of vitamin C with my gummies. When I want candy, like Bow wow wow said, I want candy.

These Lach Gummi from Mimm2 (let’s all agree that’s a weird company name) have “mit Vitaminen” right on the package and for that reason I wasn’t going to review them. I don’t necessarily want to propagate annoying marketing. Still, since I was eventually going to eat these things no matter what, and because I actually kinda liked them, I thought it my duty to look past my idiosyncrasies and post a review.

These are good. Whether it’s the vitamins or not, there’s a slight zing to the gummy – not quite tart and definitely not sour. There’s a good firmness to these too, which I like in my gummies.

The flavors are fine but not super deep. If I eat them and don’t look at them, not sure what I’m eating…however, one flavor is mint…At least I think it is; it has a tinge of that, and the piece itself is mint-leaf shaped. I like the idea of a mint gummy. They should go further with it.

Overall, Lach Gummi’s are worth eating because they’re occasionally surprising and in line with what I expect from German gummies. This reviewer gives a general thumbs uppish.

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  1. India Wardell

    My husband just brought back a bag from Germany. After eating a few and noticing the “fruchtgummi mit vitaminen” label I had to do a bit more research. They are pretty decent. This candy offers vitamin E, B6 and B12 along with a few others. As a mom, I dont mind tossing a few to the kids. Why isnt America this great? lol

    • Herman the german

      Lachgummi’s bekäme part oft my dayli routine. Oft er getting my dayly dose of polamidone Form my doc i geht me two 1 CL bottles oft vodka and a package of lachgummies. Always one oft the sorts that are liquid filled. To consume this AT the bus stop.

  2. Susie

    The company name “Nimm 2” means “take two”. They started out with liquid filled hard candy (thousands of years ago), and all bags had two different flavours: orange and lemon. Nobody liked the lemon ones, though. Their commercials recommended to “take two” – hoping people would have one of each flavour.. which nobody ever you ended up with a half full bag of lemon hard candy that died in a cupboard somewhere..

    • Matty

      Now this is the kind of science we need with our reviews. Who votes that Susie should be reviewing candy too? (All hands raise)


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