Kukulka Fleeced Birds

When a hard candy is actually something better

Reviewed by Jonny

March 14, 2019

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No, I’m really not making this up, friends! See for yourself:

If you understood Polish, you’d know that “kukulka” means “cuckoo”. And the phrase below it…. “fleeced birds”. Which….really tells us nothing about this candy.

But digging a little deeper into the bowels of Google Translate, words like “coconut” show up, and “caramel”.  I think that’s a good place to start.


At first glance, it’s clear these are some sort of chocolate hard candy.


Second glance shows the little ring of white around the candy, which I assume to be the coconut angle.

But here’s the thing: while they are slightly hard, they’re most definitely not a hard candy. You can chew these immediately, which threw me for a loop. I quickly warmed up to the idea of a chewy chocolate thing because…chewy chocolate is good.  This one though…has a really nice composition-it’s not really similar to any other chewy chocolate candy I’ve tried.

Yes, we get slight caramel and even slighter coconut, but I also feel like there’s a cocoa-like element in there. Something…more complex.


They’re really nice, and a nice change of pace. They scored high points with everyone who tried them. Kooky name notwithstanding, I’d definitely buy these again if I could. And I can, just like you, shockingly-hit up that link below, I really think you’ll like these.



Zolli Candy


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