Know Eierlikör-Kissen? I didn’t. And I should have.

An olde tyme flavor comes back to surprise the hell out of me.

Reviewed by Matty

January 17, 2020


Nondescript hard candy in a plain clear package from some foreign country says to me, “leave me in the pantry.”

But I’m way behind on my candy review cadence and I didn’t have the luxury to shrug these little babies off.

Not a great picture. I know. And they look like your typical hard, boring lemon candies.


(Well the picture sucks, but these candies aren’t what you think they are).

When was the last time you thought to yourself, “You know what? I miss butterscotch.” Yeah, never. And then you try these Eierlikor-Kissen and think, “Holy shit I love butterscotch SO MUCH.”

And they aren’t just butterscotch…. Definitely buttery (and not scotchy)… but a deep vanilla flavor, just like my personality, which I love. The hard candy isn’t shatter-your-teeth hard, it starts to melt pretty swiftly, and inside is almost like a Zotz center, or sherbet, although not sour or fizzy (which would be a nice option actually).

For a simple flavor they taste wholly unique and are fun to eat loads of.

Gramma might have these in a candy dish, but grampa — or maybe gramma 2 since there are houses with 2 grammas; I don’t judge — should be jamming these in his/her craw all night long. Or until he/she goes to bed at 8pm.

Thanks to Susie for sending them and I apologize for not trying these sooner. The Eierlikör-Kissen gets butterscotch right.

Zolli Candy


  1. Susie

    Eierlikör basically contains 10,000 eggs, 500 pounds of sugar, and a ton of alcohol. And I have heard of grammas who produce this delicacy in their own kitchen (or underground laboratory).. I don’t know how much Eierlikör is actually in this hard candy, though.

  2. Matty

    Ahh good to know. Though ‘egg liquor’ sounds strange. Is it like… a custard hard candy?

  3. Susie

    Eierlikör = Egg liqueur / advocaat
    Just saying.. ☺️


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