Kit Kat Senses: Mini Moments

Kit Kats make me purr

Reviewed by Matty

October 8, 2019


When people find out I’m a candy aficionado with a 10+ year old web site filled with reviews, I get the same question: “What’s your favorite?”

Jonny and I started this site because we loved gummies.

(And it might be difficult to remember now, but back then you couldn’t find many gummies. Almost no Haribo in the US except in specialty stores.)

But beyond gummies, I love licorice. And then in a solid 3rd place, is chocolate.

Heresy, I know, to many.

When pressed for my favorite chocolate bar? It’s a Kit Kat. And you don’t have to ask me which flavor, because in the States, there are three you can find regularly: milk, dark and white. There will be an occasional novelty flavor like pumpkin for Halloween, but I’ve never seen them in the wild, only on the official Kit Kat web site.

No matter the flavor, what I like about Kit Kats is the wafer crunch; feels light but also has some heft. The middle isn’t too hard, like a cookie. The chocolate is creamy, and eating a Kat is satisfying.

Now, in case you didn’t know, the U.S. appears to be the only country with only a handful of flavors. Europe and Asia have more. We talked about this years ago. Thus, when traveling, I like to look for new ones.

Finally (I know I know) we’re at the crux of this review: I found a slew of Kit Kats in Singapore with flavors I had never had before. The box is called Kit Kat Senses and it looks fancy:

Finally the Review

3.5 Stars for just being Kit Kat, and having all the goodness the wafer chocolate bar brings, including a decently thick outer milk chocolate “shell.”

The various flavors – mocha, hazelnut, cookies and cream, and caramel – are forward. I didn’t look at the various packages, I just ate, and it was obvious which was which, no guessing needed.

Cookies and cream — although it took the prettiest of pictures — was the least interesting since I didn’t know what cookie it was supposed to be. I always assume Oreos, but this didn’t taste like that. Mocha was coffee for sure, and I LIKE COFFEE.

So I looked all over the interwebs for these and alas, if you live in the good ol’ US of A, it appears we’re out of luck. Not on the Amazons, and on the UK version of Nestle, we can’t order them. So.

May I suggest you get these then? It has Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: my second choice for favorite chocolate bar.

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