Kit Kat Lemon Crisps Are a Bit of All Right

When Kit Kat gives you lemons...

Reviewed by Matty

April 17, 2020


How many reviews have we written that mention Japan has a shit ton of Kit Kat flavors? In the U.S. we have like six flavors total. Without searching the Googs, I can think of Milk, White and Dark Chocolate, and Green Tea. And then there are those released as novelties, for a limited time only. Like – I assume – these Kit Kat Lemon Crisps for Easter 2020.

I get asked a lot what my favorite candy is, and after I say gummies (and usually Haribo gummies), I often say the Kit Kat.

Kit Kats have such a great crunch. Every single time. The bars are small enough (the normal/average version) so that you feel like you get the right amount without overeating. The coating (in most cases chocolate, but in this case, lemon white chocolate?) is never too thick, playing nicely with the light wafer inside.

So – these Lemon Crisp Kit Kats are all that too. And, dare I say fruity. Not just lemon flavor but juicey-ish. Refreshing almost.

So sure, we may not get all the Kit Kat flavors the rest of the world gets, but at least we’re getting good ones. These are worth getting again.

For those with allergies, these have wheat in them and are produced in a facility that also produces confections with peanuts.

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