Kinder Bueno package

Kinder Bueno is. . . wait for it . . . good.

It's possible I wrote this review simply so I could embed a music video in it.

Reviewed by Matty

July 8, 2022


Kinder. Means children in German. Perhaps you have heard of Kindergarten. Which means, “Children of Plants.”

I kid of course.

But it’s close.

Oh, and Bueno means good in Spanish. So we have a candy bar named in German and Spanish, from an Italian family named Ferraro.

I like it. Let’s be global. Let’s enjoy ourselves for F(*& sake. The world is a shit show right now so I say: You go Ferrero. Do whatever you feel you have to do to name your candy bar so that people like me will buy it.

And I did buy the Kinder Bueno. And I did love it.

Kinder Bueno package

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s got hazelnuts in it. Hazel cream, really. It’s like Nutella, but lighter. Thinner.
  • The picture suggests the cream will drip out. It won’t. It’s more like a very soft nougat.
  • I tasted peanut overtones. In fact, I checked to see if the soft center was peanut butter.
  • The crispy wafer is what Kit Kats want to be when they grow up. Truly light and very crispy. Made the whole bar feel lightweight. I loved this. (And remember, I love Kit Kats, so this be high praise.)
  • Don’t let the Kinder name fool you, these aren’t just for kids.
  • Although light, they look heavy, and this particular bar was big. But still, didn’t feel like I was eating a lot. Like they say on Workaholics:

This package had two bars. I’d have taken three.

It also says there is dark chocolate on them… eh… ok. Barely. It’s drizzled on. Feels much more milk than dark.

Kinder Bueno bar in two halves

But these are so buyable.

I will definitely eat again and again.

Also, there’s a song called “Buena” by a little outfit named Morphine that was led by singer and bassist Mark Sandman may he RIP. Buena means the same as Bueno. Just the feminine version. You likely don’t know this band — but like this candy bar — may I suggest you give them a try.

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  1. mikeuk

    i refer to these as ‘flavour logs’

    • Matty

      Good name

  2. Matthew Greber

    Good candy, Workaholics and Morphine. What more would I want from a review?

    Nothing. Nothing more. Good job, Matty.

  3. Jonny

    nice one Matty! Love the workaholics ref


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