Katjes Grün-Ohr Barchen (They’re Neu!) Green Ear Bears

Dudes, check this:

katjesgrun-bagThere’s no end to the amount of “gummy bears” that candy companies make, and here’s another.  Howevs…these are from Katjes, so there’s a 90% chance that they’re not only going to be good, but also a bit different.



Wow.  Can you tell from this photo that these aren’t the same consistency or texture as the more popular gummy bears that you’ve grown to know and love?  Well…they’re not.



These belong to a different recipe for gummies-one that’s gelatin-free.  The result is a yay for the Vegetarians, but it’s also a great thing for the rest of us normals.  Instead of being a traditional gummy, there’s just a bit of give to the consistency-meaning, when you bite down, instead of tugging away, you can bite through these.  These are exactly the same as the amazing Trolli iGums I reviewed last month.  I LOVE this style of gummy- I’m not sure if there’s a correlation, but the flavors all really pop a lot brighter than normal.  Maybe that pesky horse hoof really is getting in the way.  Regardless, these are (rather, were) incredible.


The translation of the name is “green ear bears”.  So….their ears are green.  Not really sure I get that, but hey, I told you-these were gonna be a bit different.



Little sweety bear heads, chopped off & fresh for the taking.   The flavors all had a zingy edge to them, and just felt…fresh-cherry, lemon, orange, pineapple and apple.  And here’s the weirdest part: you can get them on Amazon.com!


So…what are you doing still here?  Click the link below.


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