Katjes Fred Ferkel: You’ll Be Fine When You Get Past the Name

There’s never been a candy that said “don’t judge a book by its cover” more than Katje’s Fred Ferkel.


First off, what the hell kind of name is this? Turns out Ferkel means piglet in German so it’s like Porky Pig, only not.

Secondly, these are lactose and gluten free. We have loads of readers that ask us for these types of candies and I always forget to mention these features in reviews. This time I didn’t forget!

Thirdly, and to my point at the top, if you just look at these — pink package, foamy marshmallow pig faces with a smidge of gummy on the ear — you’d think these are going to suck.

Plus, will history repeat itself? We’ve video reviewed similar candy from Katje called Tappsy, and that review title says it all: “Marshy Licorice Hell”.

Yet — these little piggies can squeal all the way the hell home if they want cuz they’re damn good.


The foam (in this batch at least) is really chewy, not too soft and fake marshmallow-y at all. The flavors are fruity and strong, not too sweet. Raspberry, strawberry and cherry – tasty, yes; differentiated, not so much – but very unique. These are more fragrant than most gummies, which I like. I also like the size; I couldn’t really just throw the whole thing in my mouth, it was better when I bit off the ear and then tore into the piggy face.

So here’s how the story goes:
1. I picked up the bag at a corner market and thought, “I haven’t seen these before. I’m sure they will suck.”
2. I try, I like. Confused, I try again and still like.
3. Offer to the little lady and SHE likes.
4. Write a review.
5. You visit candygurus.com and appear to be continuing to read.

The fact that Mrs. Gurette liked them too? That says a lot. She’s not usually a novelty gummy person and yet she ate the last pig heads before I was even finished writing this review. Dammit! So why don’t you buy a pack for me even if you don’t want any yourself. Link below.

5 thoughts on “Katjes Fred Ferkel: You’ll Be Fine When You Get Past the Name

    1. Percy pig and associated products is produced by German confectioner Katjes for Marks & Spencer. Both products are the same.

  1. In Canada these are Juiced Up Power Pigs, but I can’t find them any more. They used to be my favourite candy! I’m so glad you reviewed these!

  2. @Jamie: Katjes is actually also the manufacturer of Percy Pigs. Marks & Spencer tried to bring some of Katjes’ stuff to the UK, but nothing really worked to well there. So they came to Germany to find a solution and when the staff of Marks & Spencer saw the Tappsy licorice (also mentioned above in the review) they came up with Percy Pigs/ Fred Ferkel.

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