Katjes Chile Heringe: Umm …. I f*&^ing LOVE these

Dammit if the Dutch aren't just super right on. They make great licorice. They aren't afraid of really pushing anise. They don't pretend to cater to children. They play to adults. And they use salt. Like all good cooks.

Reviewed by Matty

May 21, 2010

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Late again with another review.
F Me! I know. Sorry. You wait for it each week, desperate for the poetry I will spew on this here WordPress web log.
The best part about this one is? I don’t have to write anything more than this:
Buy these Katjes Chili Heringe now. Get them. Eat them all up. Then puke and eat it up again – they are that good.

Dammit if the Dutch aren’t just super right on.
First off, they are hot. Not sure about the men but the women are unbelievable. I spent a week in Amsterdam for 3 days back in the 90s and I couldn’t stop staring. Tall. blonde. yum.

They also make great licorice. They aren’t afraid of really pushing anise. They don’t pretend to cater to children. They play to adults. Adults who like licorice. And they use salt. Like all good cooks. And it’s just the right amount on these Katjes. Some licorice from over seas gets all iodine-y. Not these. The sugar coating probably helps.

BUT – the Kicker: the chili. C’mon! I’m sorry but why does it need to be 2010 before candy makers put this stuff in their goods? I love it. Especially chili because it’s more heat than crazy flavor. So it doesn’t ruin the licorice – it just adds this overriding spice a minute after you start eating.

So you got great salty licorice – some heat – and a good think chew. Like a tough gummi. Not soft.

Who wouldn’t like this stuff?
Yr kids. That’s who.
This is adult food. Let them lick the pink frosting off cupcakes.
The Matures are in the house and we’re pounding black licor-y with chili beeeyatches.

Best to buy these at Cost Plus. If you live near one. But if you love to use the web and not get up from your chair – go to Germandeli.com and purchase.

Zolli Candy


  1. candygrrrl

    jesus christ i need these

  2. Susie

    Great review, Matty! I especially loved the puking part.. hehe..

  3. Jonny

    Matty’s right– these are amazing. The plain variety (without the chili) are just as good, and are mos def my favorite go-to licorice. I can never keep them around…



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