Karma Candy: If you grow it, will they eat?

When you like it so natural it hurts

Reviewed by Matty

September 8, 2014

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Karma Candy is discontinued. But the review is so good we’re keeping it up.

Going to Woodstock?
Cueing up some Country Joe and the Fish records?
Putting flowers in your hair?

Have I got the candy for you.


As much as I like to help my fellow human beings and be a force for good in the world, let’s be honest: I like the gummies made with animal parts and candy with unnatural pretty colors. I’d like to apologize for this behavior but alas, after my 32 years on this earth…I’ve learned to just be me.

Then these folks from the Classy Candy company come knocking on the Guru’s door with their “Karma Candy”, made with Gooseberry and Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger & Pepper – “all natural and nothing artificial.”


Color me intrigued.

One of my childs, too, was very interested, as she grabbed one of the 4 pieces, unwrapped and popped in her mouth: “Smells great. Like cinnamon with peppermint. It’s gooey. Looks like it’s made of peanut butter but it’s not. Its squishy.”

uh oh. The kid spat it out. Hm.
Let’s ignore her for now.
What do kids know anyway? If it’s not big, day-glo blue and sour, they won’t even look at it.

Because I actually liked these. There was something very clove-cigarette-y about them — in a good way. I used to go to coffee shops when I was 16 and smoke those things. These had an air of nostalgia for me. Plus I could taste all the ingredients (maybe not so much pepper, but that’s good) and it all seemed very “real.” They also reminded me of a slightly softer Bit-o-honey, which I love.

Although the Classy Candy folks suggest this as a good-for-you candy alternative for children, these may be more for us older, discerning people. I wondered if these were gluten free and/or completely additive-free; if so, these would be perfect for those of you that require such.

Zolli Candy


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