Jelly Belly Soda: Dare I say one of the best ever?

When soda says "Hi. Drink me." I says "Sure." When Jelly Belly Gourmet Soda says "Trust me. I'm good." I says, "Open up and let's try you. Also, I think I'm going insane since soda doesn't talk."

Reviewed by Matty

August 4, 2012


Dare me to say something utterly ridAculous? Because I will. Oh I swear I will. Ready for it? This swill is f*&^ing GOOD.

Sure I like Diet Coke. Yes its filled with chemicals and yes I still drink it. I also like DP (that’s Dr. Pepper, not Diet Pepsi, though I’ll drink that too). Just because I’ll drink a chemistry lab that most of my fellow Northern Californians would scoff at doesn’t mean I don’t know good soda. Cuz I do. Ever had Jones Soda? Me too. It’s good right? Sure it is. Wanna know what? I think this Jelly Belly soda is better.

Jelly Belly Soda

Jelly Belly Soda Lemon Drop Soda. Couldn’t not be more drinkable.

First off, it tastes like the jelly beans. Just like them. This particular bottle of Lemon Drop soda had a uniquely real flavor. Not a lemonade, more like a lemon squeeze. Perhaps it’s the pure cane sugar – no corn syrup here, nor aspertame – that makes the soda not sickly sweet but puckery yummy. I drank some, drank some more, and honestly, I kinda kept drinking til it was done. Other sodas I sip when I eat lunch and finish when the can is a bit warm. That bottle, I drank, put down, looked at it all lonely on the counter, picked up, drank again and kept going ’til it was done maybe 7 minutes later.

Thanks for the image, Thayer.

I also had Pineapple Crush and Very Cherry. Both great. If I wasn’t so against getting loads of back fat, I’d buy more of this. Maybe from here.

Refreshing, full flavored, tasting just like you’d expect from Jelly Belly flavors; ones you don’t see all the time like Juicy Pear (rock solid), Blueberry (not razzzberry) and Strawberry Jam (great name). Although it’s time to take an official break from the Jelly Belly reviews, happy to leave off with this soda. I’m thirsty. Wish I had some left.

Zolli Candy


  1. Jon

    I had a Juicy Pear the other week. It was gone in about 45 seconds.

    • Matty

      i know – so good right?

  2. russ

    Matt, Jelly Belly just came out with a Jelly Belly Icee’s as well. They come in many of these same flavors. They are supposed to be hitting Gas stations soon. Keep your eye out.

    • Matty

      And I will. Thanks for the heads up

  3. Alex Dewey

    Matt, they need a variety pack…make it happen.

    • Matty

      I will wield my powers and move mountains. Just you wait.


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