Jelly Belly Peas & Carrots: Look but Don’t Taste

I've had these things for months waiting for the right time to review. 'The right time' in this case is that I have nothing else to review right now.

Reviewed by Matty

November 7, 2011


I’ve had these things for months waiting for the right time to review. ‘The right time’ in this case is that I have nothing else to review right now.

Jelly Belly Peas & Carrots seemed clever enough. We all know Jelly Belly jelly beans are the best ever, and we’ve liked some other Jelly Belly tangential (like that word?) ventures, such as Soda Pop Shoppe beans. (Some of us even know the mastermind behind the originals is working with his daughter on a new candy company…but that’s neither here nor there. Except to say that I’m one to assume confections from Jelly Belly are good until proven otherwise.)

Here’s what I was hoping:
— Like their Jelly Belly Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, with flavors like dirt and vomit, why not peas and carrots as a sweetened version of the popular veggies

Here’s what I got:
— Orange sherbet carrots and Green apple peas that look appetizing but don’t really taste that close to those flavors. Kinda close on the sherbet though…

And per the packaging, that says “Mellocreme Candy,” it definitely is that. Mellow enough flavor that I had to concentrate hard to make sure I was tasting what they wanted me to taste. The orange is there, but underneath everything. The green apple on the other hand is nowhere near. It tastes like bubble gum, and I for one don’t like bubble gum flavored candy. My brain always does a double take: “hey – you don’t EAT this dumdum. You CHEW it.”

The texture also not so much for me. These are like paste squashed at a million pounds of pressure into a candy. Like gritty candy corn. I like the look of them, so maybe they could have that same shell but more of a jelly bean center.

So overall, not for me and I won’t be buying again. But really, for JB, it’s the missed opportunity of making a candy that has overtones of the actual veggies. Both peas and carrots are sweet vegetables. Why not go that route?

Zolli Candy


  1. Leigh

    Just staring at the package makes my appetite take a nosedive. I get the concept, I really do. Just too many memories of horrible mushy frozen peas and carrots, packaged together and front burned into my worst childhood memories.

    • Jim

      They are old fashioned candy. A different company used to make them. Nice reporting. Useless article.

  2. Martha

    I got these in an Easter basket last year. (Yes, my mommy still sends me candy!) I have one word for them: Blech!

  3. Jonny

    Very sage comment about going for the actual veggie tastes-I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. And I despise these too, but Jonny Jr likes them.



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