Jelly Belly Pancakes & Maple Syrup: It’s like Vermont all up in here

Did you know they love pancakes in Israel? Well they do. I was there and there was a pancake house and it was good. I was 16 years old and that was like 15 years ago and I was a bit drunk though that couldn’t be right because that wouldn’t even be LEGAL so let’s move on.

How could the all-knowing Jelly Belly flavor makers not have made Pancakes and Maple Syrup jelly beans available before now?


When you the open the bag it’s like a maple party, which is what I expected. The fragrance is all pancake breakfast. The flavor is right on, just what you’d think they’d taste like, but I don’t love how sweet they are. They must be made with maple syrup AND sugar – and not just maple flavoring. They are best when eating just a few at a time.


The champagne beans they sent along (to create a brunch like experience) are actually better in my opinion. I’m amazed Jelly Belly got the champagne dryness in there and you can really taste the wine-like grape fruity taste.

Eating a maple with the bubbly was actually pretty good too. I liked this recipe better than the maple alone. It was less severe.

Here’s the skinny on when, where and why would you buy these pancake jelly beans: For novelty. When you are hosting your kid’s next sleepover, pull these out in the morning and you’ll be the hilarious parent who “gets it.” … But when you really want cakes, go to a diner or pick up some Bisquick. When you want champagne, get some Moet.

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