Japanese Milk Candy Tastes Like… wait for it…

YOUR CAT would eat this milk candy and be like "jesus this tastes like milk. I's luv it."

Reviewed by Matty

March 24, 2016

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Like freaking milk yo! I mean these taste Absolutely Just Like Milk. A sweetened milk, sure. But it’s milk, man. Wait. No. It’s like sucking on hard pieces of sweetened half and half. You could melt these down and make yourself a half caf half decaf machiatto latte with no whip.


I don’t speak Japanese and I assumed that searching for “Premium Milk Candy” — the only English on the package — wouldn’t turn up much. But I was oh so wrong. I found these in just secs. They’re called Kanro Premium Milk Hard Candy, and I highly recommend them.


Did I mention they’re hard? Like, glass hard. Like if you bite too early they’re gonna crack your teeth hard.

This is 2 reviews in a row from me about the awesomeness of milk candy. You don’t want 3. Do us both a favor and find yourself some of these and dive in.

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  1. Matty

    I love this review. I guess it should be said that I also wrote it.


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