J. Luehders Cherry Banana

Gummy bananas. This is....new.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 25, 2019

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Mrs. Guru picked these up for me at World Market, because she’s cool, and she gets it. Weird looking? Looks like it came out of 1988? Awesome. Always worth taking a look.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that we’ve tried gummies from Luehders before, and they were outstanding. Or….did we? The review lives here, but if you look closely the name is spelled differently. I’m not buying it, I think this is a rebranding effort, because it’s way too coincidental.

Anyhow, those peach bears with fruit inside were a revelation, and ALSO were purchased at World Market so case closed pass the Miller Lite. Moving on to the topic at hand though, I present to you a completely unique pairing: cherry and banana.

I think this bag, for me, was simply all about the banana. How often do we get to try banana gummies? I’d say never. I had a feeling the cherry would be familiar, and of course, it was. I’m not the biggest cherry candy fan, but it’s fine.

However. The banana? OUTSTANDING. I mean, it’s truly great. How they got the combination of floral, sweet banana with a tangy finish I’ll never know. Hey-I don’t NEED to know, I just review the stuff. But everyone who tried these remarked not only on how tasty they were, but also about how the hadn’t tried many other banana gummies. These are special for that reason.

Can I buy a 1 pound bag of just the bananas? If so, I have a new staple. More likely though, I’m just going to have to keep my eyes peeled for these at World Market. For those of you without one nearby, click the affiliate link below to grab a 4 pack from Amazon.

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