Luhders Quality Peach Bears (with fruit pieces inside!)

This is a first: gummy bears with real fruit chunks inside

Reviewed by Jonny

October 19, 2015


Generally speaking, where do you shop for candy?  Online?  Local “old timey” brick and mortar store?  High end overpriced place in the city that caters to soccer moms?


Or is it Ross Dress For Less?  Cause that’s where Mrs. Guru found these:IMG_5439

For a moment, just gaze at those bears. Those are in fact, real chunks of peach in them there bears. Additionally, the gummy flavor and texture is completely on point-as you’d expect from a quality German company. While you can’t get a ton of mouthfeel on the fruit chunks, when eating the candy you’re aware that they’re there.

Really, the most pressing question here is: how the hell is RDFL getting access to impressive foreign candies like this?  It’s so bizarre that a discount clothing and home furnishing store should even HAVE candy for sale, let alone interesting boutique German fare.

I did a pretty exhaustive web search to find these, and came up blank. It appears that all the online retailers that did used to offer various Luhders candies (and it appears that they have a very good line, including fruit jellies) are out of stock. Not a great sign.

Just know that these are delicious. It’s a good lesson to keep your eyes open, even in the unlikeliest of places.  It’s like Ferris Beuller used to say “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

I have to to admit something else: this isn’t the first time we’ve procured interesting high quality candy from RDFL. If I had ANY tolerance for being in that store for more than 40 seconds, I’d probably make it part of my normal Sunday Candy Circuit.

The SCC?  Oh, it’s no big deal. I just get in my off road vehicle, and start making the rounds to all the candy stores, pop ups, gourmet grocers, and anywhere else that might have candies for sale. I play “The Candyman” by Sammy Davis Jr. on loop, BLASTING out of my circa 2008 Bluetooth speakers. As I pull up to the locations, the vendors smile, and bring me baskets of their best wares. FYI, all of this is done without verbal communication-it’s like a musical from the 50’s-just that music playing, everyone going about their day smiling, and me getting more and more candy as I drive off. It’s a wonderful image. AND IT’S TRUE, EVERY WORD OF IT.

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