It’s a Haribo Crazy Jungle Out There

Read about gummies that you'd like but you'll never find. Unless you are German. Then they'll be at the gas station probably.

Reviewed by Matty

January 16, 2015


I feel like I review everything made by Haribo and when I do I often think there’s simply no way Haribo has even MORE varieties – will they ever stop ideating?! – but of course they don’t stop and yes they do have even more flavors of gummies, but you can’t get them in the US and I think well why am I even REVIEWING this stuff if only people who can’t read the English language can actually buy this particular Haribo pack and I say to myself because I f*&ing like Haribo, that’s why. Deal with it world.

(WHOaaa. ok the package below looks plain ol’ harrrrible. So you see I thought I could just tear it open, eat, throw away and get a pic from Haribo or somewhere else on the interwebs, but alas…no. And the brown background is a total fake out. That’s wood underneath the clear packaging. So remember kids – don’t believe everything you see.)


This package sent to us (well, sent to Jonny, but I took them) is huge. 300 grams big. I have no idea how much that is in oz’s. Wait. OK Google says it’s 10.58 oz. 10.58 is huge. It’s like 3 times what we get in regular packages right? But the thing I like is it’s almost in the same size package as what you’d normally buy. I mean they just stuff them in there! You go ‘bo!


Because these are “Crazy Jungle” they are generally animal shaped candies. Clever. The flavors are more in your face than US Haribo – the cola is cola-ier, the red is ruddier – otherwise they are that unique Haribo charming flave we’ve come to expect. The package also includes marshmallow gummies, or “foams” as I think the industry deems them. You know, not a big fan of foams. They’re ok, but I’m just not needing 300g worth.

I still like these though. I won’t apologize for it. I will apologize about the fact that I couldn’t find these anywhere online. Literally, nowhere. So if YOU want to find them, make a friend in Germany and einen Gefallen bitten. #knowwhatimean?


Zolli Candy


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