Iron Brew Specials are Really Just Irn Bru. Shh. It’s a Secret.

I have a Scottish friend at work. I'd like him even if he wasn't Scottish, he has other qualities too.

Reviewed by Matty

April 25, 2016


I have a Scottish friend at work. I’d like him even if he wasn’t Scottish, he has other qualities too. Like he plays futbol, and he has a funny accent and he drinks Iron Bru.

Because if you live in Scotland you have to drink Irn Bru. It’s more popular than Coke up there.

I happen to like Iron Bru a lot. It’s a trippy super sweet soda, like Mountain Dew but with a very different and unique taste. It’s orange but doesn’t have a citrus flavor. I think it tastes like bubble gum. But according to Reddit, that’s a dumb thing only Americans like me think.

Anyhoo – my Scottish friend, who we’ll call Russell – brought these to me. These ones are called Iron Brew Specials (so they don’t infringe trademark) and they’re in a simple homemade package.


When I eat these, I get nostalgic for when I lived across the pond. I might not be the most egalitarian reviewer. So I asked the kids and wife what they thought of the Iron Brew Specials:

“They kinda tastes like soap.”
“Tastes carbonated.”
“Not totally interesting.”

One kid and mom spit it out.
I asked the other kid what she thought and she said “it’s fine.”





These things are pretty good. Super hard, though. Suck on em all you want, they ain’t softening up in your mouth. Like the soda, they are sweet, and definitely floral. Pretty light and airy, not heavy. I’m guessing they were made with the actual soda.

Note that I can’t find these particulars anywhere on the interwebs. There happen to be a bunch of other Iron Bru hard candies, though, so I’m guessing if you buy these, they’ll be similar.

I say, “good on ya.” I’d eat again. And will. Tonight. Until they run out.

Zolli Candy


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