Icee Gummy Candy: Sweet…but No Bacon

Reviewed by Matty

July 6, 2011

Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC is the FAO-Schwarz of candy stores. Multi-level supermarts with all sorts of goods you expect and even more you didn’t know existed. I visited Dylan’s and did what any candy guru would do: I bought things I never had before.

FYI, there was a bacon section at Dylan’s. Yes, I did write “section.”
Why am I not reviewing something from said section you ask?
Patience young Padawan.

In the meantime, we’ll start with this never-seen-by-me Icee Gummy Candy!

Icee Gummy Package

Icee is to Slurpee as Atari is to Coleco or Intellivision: the first that mattered. Icees are very slushy, sickly sweet drinks that slaughter a hot day. In my early suburban easy kid living days, I would get Icees from a big machine in a weird little donut store with my mom or dad. The Icee, which has the same logo since the 70’s, is actually creamier than a slurpee, almost like a liquid Italian Ice. I loved them then. So of course I couldn’t pass up a gummy Icee version from Dylan’s now, could I?

I only remember a blue Icee and a red one, which are two of the flavors the gummy package offers up in cherry and blue raspberry. The package also includes a green apple and lemonade. All good flavors for gummies, and flavors that aren’t usually gummified.

Group of Icee gummies

When I opened the package, there was a very strong, sweet aroma. No mistaking that I had opened up a bag of candy. And there was a lemon sour tinge to it all, which I liked a lot. Overall, the candies seemed more overt in flavor/aroma than most gummies tend to be. The lemonade (the first I tried) was sour and tart like real lemonade would taste, and the Icee folks didn’t even put “sour” on the package – which I loved. The gummies were also sweeter than most gummies, which I also liked since I knew I wasn’t eating some Haribo knock-off.

Now, while the lemonade tasted like sour lemons, the other flavors didn’t quite hit the mark. For one, they all kinda had the lemonade overtone, likely from being in the same package. The green apple, though sweeter and apparent when I really concentrated, was more a general fruity taste if I didn’t pay attention while eating it. And the blue raspberry was the same. In fact, these two looked so similar (see image below) that I thought at first I got jobbed with no blue raspberry. Not enough blue. Remember: we eat with our eyes too. And the cherry…well…it’s not cherry tasting. It tastes like red. General red candy.

Icee Blue and Green gummies kinda look the same, no?

Overall, I like these Icee gummies…but it could be nostalgia, meets lemonade (the flavor worth a package of its own). But I would have loved it if these candies tasted refreshing since that’s the raison d’etre of the Icee, oui? Now… not totally sure how to make these refreshing….maybe with just a hint of mint? …but that’s why I don’t make candy and instead review it.


  1. matty

    @lisa – I did get some other candy and will be reviewing this week. I haven’t tried it yet though in order to sufficiently freak me out as I write.

  2. Martha

    I love the packaging. Too bad they couldn’t get some of that blue off the package and into the candy. I would definitely buy them at least once just for nostalgia’s sake.

  3. Jonny

    Sounds like another gummy clone. I’ve never seen Icees that weren’t blue or red, so why not make these just blue and red? Another question for the ages.

  4. Lisa (Sunny Seed Stories)

    So jealous you went to Dylan’s! Did you get anything else? I am guessing so and am pumped to see it in future reviews!


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