Ice Chips: Thank you for being just what I expected

Us adults like sugar but not as much as kids do. Our elder taste buds crave sour and bitter and alcohol and spicy. Those poor lil sodding children can really only handle the sweet stuff. But what happens when you are trying to pass as a decent parent by insisting you give your kids non-sugar substances? And what happens when you go one step further and ensure your kids don’t get a potential cancer-causing agent like aspertame?

Hi xyletol.

And hello Ice Chips. The darlings from Shark Tank.


When the good people at Ice Chips said they were sending us their wares, I thought “with a name like that, I sure do hope these things look like ice chips.” I also wondered if they would actually be cold too.

Yes and yes. If you’re a simpleton like me (hey wait…), and you want the candy to clearly reflect its name, well then these Ice Chips hit a homerun.

When I first dug into them, I wasn’t sure what I thought. They weren’t really a mint per se (I tried the mixed berry), and the shapes we’re all strange, and they were sharp. They weren’t really a candy (I only wanted to eat a piece or 2, like I would a mint)…but they were in a mint box. And they were cool and refreshing. Kinda fun.

The sweet they have is a saccharine sweet. I didn’t like it at first, but the more I ate the more I could get into them. Still, you can’t eat a lot at one sitting. You’ll have just a few, and that’s where they are more mint than candy.

The thing I like are the flavors. The cinnamon, for example:


See the cinnamon specks in there? That’s real cinnamon. Not cute cinnamon toasty cinnamon. This is the real stuff. These will get rid of coffee breath.

Bottom line is you want to eat less sugar and you want to kiss more. To kiss, you need good breath. To eat less sugar you need to LITERALLY not ingest sugar. It’s Ice Chips FTW!

2 thoughts on “Ice Chips: Thank you for being just what I expected

  1. I love the coffee and cream flavor. A warning though: Keep anything with xylitol in it away from your pets since it can be poisonous to them.

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