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Mango and Ginger never tasted so important

Reviewed by Matty

May 2, 2017

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I judge a book by its cover. When the candy package sucks, I think the sweets inside will be lame. Check out these iBons.

Leave the lame Jobsian jokes (like my title) aside, and look at the package, which were in my pantry for like 4 or 5 months. These German babies were probably sent over by our European caretaker named Susie and I left them in the cupboard because – and let’s be honest – they look pedestrian. A ‘maybe-from-the-80’s-gramma’s-fave’ looking candy bag. Eh, no thanks.

And then tonight I was looting through said pantry, looking for something to review, saw the iBons, read “mango” on the cover, and perked up.

oh I LIKE mango. A lot. AND ginger. These are made with both. The mango is true to form and tastes real. The ginger is spicy but not so crazy it becomes inedible like some Ginger Beers. But it lingers for awhile after you finish the candy. Ginger and mango are awesome together by the way.

They look good right? And they’re really chewy; their texture is probably what defined “gummy” before the hard ones came to market. They are almost like gum, but break down and become stringy like taffy. Fun to eat and tasty as all get out. I could eat a ton of them at one sitting.

I went to the iBons site for some history and couldn’t find a lot. They sell about 6 versions  (including a peanut butter and peppemint) and they have ginger drops and a ginger drink. Not sure how long this candy has been around… but the long and short of it is these are good. VERY good. Well worth buying. If you can find them.

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  1. greebs

    The package has a picture of THE PACKAGE on it. It’s like Candy Interstellar!


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