Hot Tamales Tropical Heat

Bring some zing into your candy eating life, and let's get funky.

Show of hands-who loves Hot Tamales?  Me too.  I had read that this new variety was kicking around, but had never seen them until I found ONE lone bag at my local Cost Plus World Market. htth-bag I was dying to taste their take on some classic Latin spice + fruit combos.  I think I’ve had all of these flavors with actual chile sauce on them in Mexico, so….how would the candy version stack up? htth-open I don’t want to ever look away, cause they’re SO damn gorgeous.  You can’t make me!  I know these colors are artificial as hell, but I don’t care, I love them. First up, “Limon Fever” htth-lime Nailed it!  Lime as all get out, it really tastes authentic.  The spice comes on pretty quickly, and is nice.  But if you’re someone like me who eats everything spicy, these won’t seem quite enough for you.  However, for the normals out there, I think this is “spicy’!  And “whoa”!  Either way, it’s yummy.   Next, “Pineapple Picante”: htth-pineapple Yep.  I ate that one mutant in front, hoping it would be chock full of chile wonder.  On the spice front, what I got was about the same as the Limon, a very safe medium spice that doesn’t linger too long.  The pineapple flavor was nice, on point, and again, authentic.   Finally, “Mango Tango”.  Let’s dance. htth-mangoThis one was my least favorite.  I found the mango just a bit muddy, not bright enough.  Still good, don’t get me wrong, bot of the three flavors, it’s ranked third.  The spice level on these is the same as the others.


What these things really taste like is tropically spiced Mike & Ike’s, which is essentially what they are.  Everyone who’s tried some from my generously sized bag has liked them, which means…I need to buy another bag.  it also means that these are a winner, if you’re a fan of any level of spice.  They don’t quite get to the perfect heat level of the Yummy Earth Spicy Pops, but they’re still good.  I definitely recommend these, especially if you’re learning any sort of forbidden dance.  They really can tie the whole dance together.     But kids seriously- if you’re ever on a beach in Mexico or somewhere similar and someone is trying to sell you chunks of fruit with chile sauce and lime juice on it?  Buy it.  It’l be the best 3 bucks you’ve spent in a while and… I’m really jonesing for it.  These are a nice salve, but…I guess I gotta go back to Mexico!

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