Yummy Earth Organic Hot Chile Pops. Is The Spice Nice?

Can Yummy Earth once again produce a top notch hard candy and ride the line between spicy and sweet?

Reviewed by Jonny

October 5, 2011

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How many friggin’ times are we gonna review Yummy Earth’s delicious organic hippie lollipops!!??  I know, right??!?  One more time.  This time, we’re tasting the chile infused “Chile Lime Lambada” and “Chile Mango Mambo”.  Apparently you have to be dancing to eat these.


Making a successful spicy candy is tough.  Recently we were lucky enough to try the Habanero Pralines that were simply outrageous.  But, aside from that, I really haven’t been impressed with too many spicy candies.  Riding the line between heat and sweet is confusing to some palettes, including mine.  But I eat anything from  Yummy Earth at this point, so I was game to try.  For those that haven’t been in the know, check out my review of their standard assortment of lollipops.  I said it then and I say it now – they’re the best lollies available, for a variety of reasons, number one among those being the taste.  Trust me, you haven’t ever tasted good blueberry candy until you’ve tried their take on the blueberry lolly.  But I digress, yo.


This assortment has only two flavors, which….I found a bit weird.  No big deal though.  If you’ve tried their mango lolly, then this take on spicy mango will be very familiar.  The heat level is moderate-fun, tingly, but nothing serious.  It couldn’t be, or eating it would bee work.  I enjoy the Mango Mamba, but I strongly prefer the Lime Lambada.
You might be asking, “is this lolly forbidden, as it the Lambada (the forbidden dance®)”?  Great news.  turns out it’s not, and you can actually buy them, all legal like.  So put those concerns to bed.
The lime flavor is really nice, tart, authentic.  I think it plays off of the spice better than the mango does, but that could simply be due to me eating a LOT of spicy Vietnamese and Mexican food riddled with lime.  It’s just tastier to me than the mango.  Add I dig how both of the pops are mostly red, despite neither of the fruit they come from being red.  That’s come chile magic up in there.


Here’s the thing: if you like spicy food and you like candy, these are a must, at least to try.  However, I didn’t find that I could eat 6 of these in a sitting like I very commonly do with their regular pops.  More like I have one as a different palette experience in the middle of the work day.  But there’s nothing wrong with that, right?


Overall, kudos to Yummy Earth for banging out another quality hard candy.  Click the link below to start the slow burn yourself.

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